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Opening your Parachute is step one of the coaching process. Getting the most out of coaching means you have to be honest, vulnerable, and a little bit brave. And the end result is so worth it. Take a look at these clients who were courageous with their approach to coaching, and are now thriving in their careers. They each landed in what we call their Dropzone; the area where a parachutist aims to land after thought, preparation, and a leap of faith. What will your Dropzone look like?


Thoughts, Tips & Tricks

Who couldn't use a little advice? Who doesn't need a little inspiration? Take the time to think deeper, to dig more, to discover what's really important to you in your career. Make a plan to go out and get it! We'll be here with a helping hand if you hit stumbling blocks along the way. What's getting in your way?

The Powerchute

From Executive Directors of non-profits to CEOs, from entrepreneurs to authors, The Powerchute features women who have achieved exceptional things in their career and have defined success on their own terms. Get inspired by their stories and the reminder that women achieve powerful things every day. What will you achieve?