How Data Is Changing the Workplace for Women with Ursula Mead

The conversation about the advancement and retention of women in the workforce is a buzz. Repeated studies have shown that companies with more women in senior positions have higher financial returns.  Company leadership and women (sometimes one in the same, but sadly often not) are dissecting the research from Lean In to The Confidence Code, the Harvard Business Review and The Atlantic, trying to figure out how to keep talented women, give them what they need to advance, and meet the ever-growing demands of investors and the public at large.  

Ursula Mead, Co-Founder of InHerSight, is on a mission to measure how well employers support the women who work for them – and to turn those insights into better support for women in the workplace. In the process, Ursula and her co-founders are changing the way women choose where they work and the way that companies attract and retain their women employees. To launch a new monthly interview series, The PowerChute, highlighting stand out women in the paid workforce, Lauren Laitin of Parachute Coaching, caught up with Ursula to hear more about what InHerSight is all about, and why it compels her to work 18 hour days. Check it out here.

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Lauren Laitin