13 Reasons Why Coaching Is Your Best Next Step

#1: Because agonizing gets really old.


#2: Because well-oiled teams are way more successful.


#3: Because you’re tired of hearing your dad’s out of touch opinion.


#4: Because you feel sure there is a better fit out there for you, you just have no idea what it is.

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#5: Because you’ve earned a promotion, but nobody else seems to realize that.

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#6: Because you’ve earned the promotion, you’ve actually gotten the promotion, and you now you have to face the challenge.

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#7 Because your boss scares the #!@$ out of you!

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#8: Because you’re feeling stuck and don’t know how to get unstuck.

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#9: Because you want to be able to tell your story, make your pitch, and feel amazing about it.

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#10: Because you deserve to have someone focused on you and only you.

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#11: Because your boyfriend is biased even if he doesn’t mean to be. 

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#12: Because the key to success is getting out of your own way.

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#13: Because you invest in everything else in your life — think gym, school, wardrobe, travel. Why not invest in the thing you spend most of your life doing?

Lauren Laitin