Psst Parents! It's the Other "B" Word!

On our quest for happiness, success and fulfillment, people talk about balance like it’s the golden ticket. But it’s actually the other “B” word – boundaries – that really make the difference. Especially for working parents.

The reality is balance is neither attainable nor desirable for most career-focused folks. Balance requires things to be even, which means consistent, which means the same, which means BORING. Even if the idea of still waters are appealing to you day in and day out, it’s almost impossible to achieve because life simply isn’t still. There are so many moving parts: big meetings, play dates, work travel, doctor’s appointments, school conferences, skinned knees, and I haven’t even included things like grocery shopping! Life is full, making it pretty hard to achieve balance.  Find out a trick that makes all the difference here.

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Lauren Laitin