Top 10 On-the-Go Leadership Resources

Our days are full. I get it.  But don’t let that hold you back from continuing to listen, learn and lead! Getting inspiration, tips and tricks from others is a great way to boost your knowledge and your performance.  Successful leadership takes practice and thought.  Here are some excellent books and podcasts to help you along your path.  And because I know we’re always on the go, all of these resources are available in audio!


Author: Angela Duckworth

Passion and persistence, not talent is what it takes to succeed.

Confidence Code

Authors: Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Advice for women who need more confidence to achieve the careers they want and deserve.


Author: Daniel H. Pink

The best motivation comes from within ourselves and not from external factors like money.

The Crossroads of Should and Must

Author: Elle Luna

Overcome the societal obligations (the “Should”) in order to achieve your passion (the “Must”). While this one is available for download, I highly recommend you enjoy this one the old fashioned way.  The illustrations are incredible.

First Break All the Rules

Author: Marcus Buckingham

Learn how you can be a better leader, manager and employee by breaking conventional wisdom.

Hidden Brain

Host: Shankar Vedantam

Through science and story, learn about all sorts of human behavior.

Favorite episode so far: #56 Getting Unstuck

Being Boss

Hosts: Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

Be more boss in work and in life. A must-listen for anyone with a side hustle or dreams of one day running their own business.

Favorite episode so far: #42 Brene Brown

Women Taking The Lead with Jodi Flynn

Host: Jodi Flynn

Learn from successful women how to naturally exude your leadership and overcome self-doubt.

Favorite episode so far: #186 Michelle McQuaid on What Makes You Strong

Happen to Your Career

Host: Scott Anthony Barlow

Gain inspiration and tools to move from where you are to the work that matters to you.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 9.52.59 AM.png

Favorite episode so far: #147 Follow the Breadcrumbs to Your Dream Career with Lisa Lewis


Hosts: Lulu Miller and Hanna Rosin

Weaves together stories and science that will ultimately make you see your own lift differently.

Favorite episode so far: Frame of Reference

Enjoy them all!  And we always love to hear about your favorite podcasts and books. So reach out and fill us in!

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Lauren Laitin