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Let's face it: careers are important and long. On average, you'll spend more than 30% of your life at work. Don't you want to love it?  Parachute Coaching works with individuals, teams, and leaders to help them get where they want to go -- from career exploration to leadership and management, we help you identify what's most important to you and how to get there.

Trust us: sitting around and hoping things will change is not a winning strategy. Inertia is powerful, but not as powerful as you.

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"I've had many friends and family try to help me figure out what I want to do, but through my work at Parachute Coaching, I was able to open up and think outside the box. I came to the process feeling completely unfulfilled and stuck.  I left knowing that my career opportunities are endless."

-Chelsey, Senior Consultant, FTI Consulting

"Love working with Lauren. She holds me accountable to the things I want for myself and for my business. She structures the sessions in a way that is both productive and friendly and her experience in both large organizations and small is valuable as I work through the various pain points and highlights of growing a successful business."

-Kirsten Quigley, CEO, 3greenmoms