Tacos and Transitions

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Let’s face it. Transitions can be pretty tough. Even when you are excited about the change that abounds, there are often bumps along the way as you settle in to the new normal. Despite scorching temperatures still on the radar, Back-to-School sales and teasers about pumpkin spice lattes are clear signals that Fall is afoot. And having just come home from an exhilarating year abroad in Mexico City, the art of mastering transitions has been on my mind. Here are some pro tips to consider, whether you are moving into a new role, new job, new house, or simply just a new routine.


1. Manage your expectations: Transitions usually come with equal parts excitement and trepidation, so prepare yourself for a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. Don’t expect every aspect to be a bundle of fun; but no need to plan for doomsday either. Be realistic that there will be ups and downs, replete with some highlights that will pleasantly surprise you and some potholes you wish you could have avoided. You’ll be better equipped to take it all in stride, exhibiting your steady confidence all the way.


2. Don’t overthink it: Especially for big transitions, there is an endless number of things you could try to mastermind. But no matter how far on the super-organized spectrum you are (or aren’t!), there will inevitably be details that you can’t hash out in advance. Figure out what the most important elements are for you, and focus on those. Trust yourself that you will be able to handle the other decisions as they arise. Trying to tackle it all at once is a guaranteed ticket to a full-fledged case of overwhelm! 

3. Challenge your assumptions: If you love routine, you’ll want to make your seatbelt extra snug as you venture into new territory. Generally we develop a routine because it feels comfortable and some social or societal norms promote a particular approach. But then we start to assume that that routine is best. Push yourself to think again. Transitions present a good opportunity to shake things up -- embrace your new convoluted (or more direct!) route to the office; check out a new gym or a different gym class; shop at a new grocery store; try sitting down for breakfast and ditch the grab ‘n go. Changing it up will remind you that there are lots of great ways to do things and you might even end up with a routine you love even more!


4. Tacos save the day: And perhaps the most important takeaway from my time in Mexico is that tacos solve everything -- perfect for a moment of celebration or a pick-me-up on a tough day. No matter what transition you’re facing, find the closest taco spot for the very best backup support!


So what is Parachute up to this Fall? We’re taking these tips to task! We’re rolling out new online courses, new coaching programs, and new local partnerships, while still staying true to our amazing Career Transition, Leadership, and Confidence coaching programs. We can’t wait to share it all with you.

What does this new season have in store for you? We want to know! Connect with us for a free consultation to smooth your transition and kickstart your career and leadership goals.

Lauren Laitin