Ready to commit?

Some goals take longer to prepare for than others. Last year I completed monthly challenges to help me grow. And there I was at the end of December, proud of my accomplishments, and ready to find my next challenge. I knew it had to be something a little bit foreign and even a little bit scary. Find out what it was.

Lauren Laitin
The Year of Community

My gut says 2017 is going to be a big year for community, and that our growth will come, in part, from the communities we call our own.  Let your communities be sources for new ideas, new adventures, and new growth.  Who couldn’t use a little of that?  Here are a few ideas for finding new communities.

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3 Email Templates for 3 Awkward Emails You'll Have to Send During Your Job Search

You’re determined to start the next chapter in your career, and you’ve psyched yourself up for the inevitable networking frenzy that will ensue. You’re ready for the cocktail gatherings, coffee meetings, and informational interviews. But every now and then, a tricky networking situation rears it's head.
Here are a few templates for tackling some of those tough circumstances.  Read on...

Lauren Laitin
5 Tips to Help You Determine the Right Career Path

Making career decisions is a very exciting, and at times very difficult task. Sometimes, as when you’re buying a house, you’re looking for everything on your “must have” list, but you’re often making compromises with respect to the “would love to have” list: financial considerations, flexibility, location, benefits, upward mobility, and room for professional development are among the top variables people consider when analyzing a job offer.  All those variables assume you actually know what kind of work you want to do.  But what if you can’t fill lout the part about “would love to have” because you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up? Read more...

Lauren Laitin
Can You Make It 30 Days?

Happy new year!  Did you make a resolution?  Will you stick to it?  Did you know that only 8% of people who make resolutions actually keep them?  Does that mean we shouldn’t make them?  Nah.  As Judith Sandalow noted in December’s PowerChute, the key to success is finding a third way.  Here’s my “third way”:  Instead of one big resolution, I’m committing to 12!  12 30-day challenges, that is.  One for each month.  Will you join me? How will your challenge yourself?

Lauren Laitin