You’re juggling it all, finding your way, and using your voice -- or trying, at least.  We get it.  We’ve been there too.  Stop second-guessing yourself and get the support you want.  We call it confidence.  And we’re always finding more of it.

Define what matters.

Find your voice.

Work with confidence.


Here’s what other women like you are saying.  What will you say?


"Towards the end of my second maternity leave, I questioned how I could possibly return to Big Law as a mother of two (and a wife, friend, and lover of sleep!).  With both panic and hope, I reached out to Parachute.  Lauren was immediately validating, accepting, comforting, and inspiring.  Her homework assignments enabled me to identify and meaningfully define my values; our coaching sessions helped me to think intelligently, honestly, and creatively about how to honor these values in both my professional and personal choices.  Lauren led me through this process with patience and seemingly unconditional support, but also challenged me along the way to explore and understand how certain choices might impact my priority hierarchy.  When I ultimately decided to return to the firm, I did so confidently and with an unwavering commitment to protecting what I had learned I need to be my happiest self."

-Annie, Senior Associate, Latham & Watkins

"I had never sought out coaching before, but I found myself in a situation with my job that was causing me a lot of uncertainty.  I talked to my family and friends but I felt like we were going around in circles. I heard about Parachute Coaching through a friend, and figured I'd try it.  I added a lot of information about where I was coming from and what the problems I faced were, and Lauren got it immediately.  She sorted out everything I was sharing, and present it back to me in a clear way, within the first 20 minutes of our session.  The questions she asked were so elucidating, and she was able to hone in on who the key players were and where/why I was feeling conflict.  Through our work together, I was able to see my situation through a totally new lens.  Having someone smart and compassionate to talk specifically about career stuff was exactly what I needed."

-Shira, Educator