Teams need cohesion and direction.  Building a team culture isn’t easy.  But when teams work, they are magic.

Define the culture.  

Build trust.  

Be effective.


Here’s what other teams like yours are saying.  What will your team say?


"With Parachute Coaching's help, we worked as a team to collectively pinpoint the values we care about that now set the tone for our company. Lauren came in and put all of us at ease Day One, setting an honest and authentic tone right off the bat. She took the time to get to know how we tick, and we turn to her constantly now to give perspective on questions big or small because she gets us. I can honestly say we’re all happier, better leaders and better teammates because of our work with Parachute."

-Lily, Director of Strategic Operations, Mothership Strategies

"The feedback from the workshop was phenomenal; our employees were inspired, motivated and fulfilled by the one-on-one coaching sessions and the content of the workshop."

-Mary, Senior Manager, GE

"Lauren is excellent at holding a room.  She made an immediate impact in just a 90 minute workshop.”

-Jennifer, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group