Clear Focus

You’ve arrived.  Good for you. You’ve earned your spot in leadership.  You’ve been working towards it for so long. So why do you feel overwhelmed? Lonely? Unsure of where to go from here? Leadership is a constant work in progress.  Whether you’re managing more people, clearing new hurdles, growing a new business, or maintaining an old one, every leader needs a wingman.

Set new goals.

(Re)define your style.

Lead with confidence.


Here's what other Leader's are saying.  What will you say?


"I sought out Parachute Coaching because I needed help advocating for a new role and prioritizing my leadership and management responsibilities. I love my organization but knew if I didn't advocate for myself I would not get the role I deserved.  At the same time, I wanted to work with someone who could help me focus on new skills and expand my opportunities for next steps. Working with Lauren has exceeded my expectations.  She has a calming effect on me, but she also challenges me to look further and dig deeper, and she holds me accountable.  I'm grateful to have her on my team."

-Rosemary M., Managing Director, Center for Mind Body Medicine

"Love working with Lauren. She holds me accountable to the things I want for myself and for my business. She structures the sessions in a way that is both productive and friendly and her experience in both large organizations and small is valuable as I work through the various pain points and highlights of growing a successful business."

-Kirsten Quigley, CEO, 3greenmoms